Anecdote of the Day: Blood Moon!

So exciting to watch the total lunar eclipse tonight!

Sat outside, listening to the traffic and crickets, taking pictures as the eclipse progressed. As it neared the time of the blood Moon I realized the eerie light and night would be even better with some Midnight Syndicate Pandora!

As I was listening to that a eerie screech rang out! I have yet to know what it is, but as the Blood Moon begins to wane the normal night sounds are slowly filling the air once again. As a Halloween lover I am exhilarated! Reminds me of being at my favorite haunts! Except…there are not screams and chainsaws!

And truthfully, if I heard those now, I would be absolutely terrified! Haha!

Hope you all either enjoyed the eclipse or some restful sleep! Til the next adventure!

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